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Research on Optimization of Intelligent Archives Management Mode in universities Based on Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.049


Tongtong Han

Corresponding Author

Tongtong Han


In recent years, with the development of universities, archives management has been paid more and more attention. The improvement of archives management in universities can promote the development of universities, especially in the process of making development decisions and formulating sustainable development strategies, by using relevant information in archives, the scientific and accurate decision-making can be ensured. Under the current new situation, the wide application of cloud technology has brought great changes to the archives work in universities. In this paper, the author fully considers the practice of discussing the file management mode in universities based on cloud platform, and after deeply discussing and analyzing the concept of cloud technology, systematically and comprehensively expounds the characteristics of cloud files, and then further mentions the model design of cloud file management in universities, hoping to achieve the expected results of optimizing the file management mode in universities based on cloud platform.


Cloud platform; Universities; Archives management

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