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Research on the Development of Chinese Government's Public Management Policy Resources from the Perspective of Sustainable Development

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.050


Ming Jin

Corresponding Author

Ming Jin


The government's public management policy not only embodies the ruling will of the ruling class, but also shows the national will of a country, but fundamentally reflects the will of the broad masses of the people. These wills themselves need an authoritative, fair and equitable distribution of public interests. How to realize the sustainable and healthy development of public management policy resources under the new situation is a prominent problem we are facing today. Therefore, this paper attempts to study the development of public management policy resources of our government from the perspective of sustainable development. Constantly improve infrastructure construction; Through the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises, we can guide the agglomeration of other industries in the industrial chain. In addition, we should strengthen the construction of evaluation mechanism for enterprise production activities. Being responsible for the whole society is the requirement of objective laws, and the development and utilization of government public management policy resources should earnestly reflect the requirements of the whole society. It can be seen that the development of government public management policy resources under sustainable development is an important way to optimize government public management policy.


Sustainable development; Government; Public management policy; Resource development

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