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Research on Second Language Acquisition of English Teaching Majors from the Perspective of Applied Linguistics

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.051


Yi Lu

Corresponding Author

Yi Lu


English, as the most widely used language, is used for communication in the vast majority of cross-border communication and activities. Therefore, strengthening ELT for college students is crucial. Applied linguistics is an emerging discipline that mainly studies the practical application of language, but its content is very rich and it is a comprehensive discipline. With the development of applied linguistics, there have been some changes in the dissemination and teaching of language disciplines, especially significant reforms in the practicality of language. This article organically combines applied language with ELT (English Language Teaching), and through their interaction, has important practical significance for the reform of the English education system and the comprehensive cultivation of social talents. The interaction theory is very suitable for ELT in universities and should fully leverage the role of communication to encourage students' communication. Teachers must change their teaching ideology, understanding, and measures. For example, teachers can listen to students' suggestions for teaching before teaching, see which aspects of learning content students have a high interest in, or use more open methods for teaching.


Applied linguistics; English teaching; Second Language Acquisition

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