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On the Innovation of Network Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Service Concept

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.053


Jiayue Shen

Corresponding Author

Jiayue Shen


At present, as we enter a critical period of comprehensive deepening reform, in order for students to grow healthily and better accept spiritual guidance, we need to make changes in content. Based on the guidance of service philosophy, this article proposes strategies to optimize online Ideological and Political Education (IPE) in universities. Through cooperation between schools and communities. Through "emotional education", students are helped to face up to the process of national development and cultivate correct moral and political literacy in a purposeful, organized, and planned manner, in order to meet the needs of future social development. To stimulate students' interest and initiative in management and education, this is also a concrete implementation of the "people-oriented" concept, while adhering to students' subjectivity, which is conducive to the implementation of targeted ideological education and management work for college students.


Service philosophy; Universities; Online Ideological and Political Education; Innovate

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