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Development Potential and Realization Path of Low-carbon Agriculture in Jilin Province under the Target of "Double Carbon"

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DOI: 10.23977/ICEMBE2023.068


Shujie Yang

Corresponding Author

Shujie Yang


As a big agricultural province in China, Jilin Province produces a large amount of carbon emissions in the process of agricultural production. This paper mainly discusses the potential, opportunities, paths and measures of developing Low-carbon (LC) agriculture in Jilin Province under the goal of "Double Carbon" (namely, peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality). Through the analysis of the present situation of agricultural development in Jilin Province, it is found that Jilin Province has the advantages of scale effect and long-term planning of ecological construction in developing LC agriculture, but it also faces some challenges. On this basis, a series of paths and measures to realize the growth of LC agriculture are put forward, including policy support, technology promotion and industrial upgrading. As a big agricultural province in China, Jilin Province has great potential to develop LC agriculture. By adopting advanced LC agricultural technology, agricultural production efficiency can be significantly improved and carbon emissions can be reduced. In addition, Jilin Province can also improve the added value and market competitiveness of agricultural products by developing organic agriculture and expanding agricultural industrial chain.


Double Carbon; Low-carbon agriculture; Jilin province; Development potential

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