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A New Geometric Calibration Algorithm for Multi-projector Display System

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1030


Xiao Chao, Chen Kaimin

Corresponding Author

Xiao Chao


Aiming at the problem of geometric warp in multi-projector display system, a new auto-geometric calibration algorithm based on structured light projection technique was proposed. First, the geometric mapping relation among display wall, projector and camera was defined. And then camera was used to capture longitude and latitude spot-array and structured fringes on display wall. The longitude-latitude value in global coordinate for each pixel on projector frame buffer was calculated by the feature extraction of images from the camera. The above process implemented the non-linear geometric calibration of projected images. The calibration of camera and prior knowledge of analytic expressions for display wall were not necessary for the proposed algorithm. Furthermore, it was suitable for any smooth display walls. Both computer simulation experiments and real applications on virtual airport system showed that the proposed method could provide higher calibration accuracy effectively.


Multi-projector display, Geometric calibration, Structured light projection

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