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A monitoring system for Cold Chain Logistics Vehicle based on Beidou Satellites

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1036


Yang Kai, Zhang Xiaofeng, Shi Quan, Sun Ling

Corresponding Author

Shi Quan


In food transport process by cold-chain, the monitoring of temperature and humidity is very important. In order to strengthen the supervision of the cold chain logistics industry, improve the reliability of the cold chain logistics vehicle monitoring system and the safety of cold-chain food during transportation, a cold chain logistics vehicle monitoring system is designed and realized, which is based on Beidou satellites. The designed system can obtain not only the position but also the temperature and humidity information of the vehicle by the Beidou positioning module and the sensor acquisition sub-net. The obtained information then is transmitted to the monitoring center through the GPRS network. Therefore, the supervisor can get the current temperature and humidity information, find the location of the vehicle on the map by opening related web pages or the APP in mobile phone. If the value of the temperature or humidity exceeds the set threshold, alarm is generated. Practical tests prove that the proposed system can monitor the temperature and humidity information effectively and reliably, show the path of logistics vehicle, which denote that data communication is stable and reliable. With the independent Beidou technology, the system is convenient to use and has the wide range of applications, which conforms to the development of the Internet of things and the commercialization of Beidou technology.


Beidou, Logistics vehicle, Monitoring system, Si4432.

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