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Analysis of the impact of the use of cloud computing on the construction of accounting informationisation in MD Group

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DOI: 10.23977/infkm.2024.050104 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 254


Huang Qipu 1


1 Yuxi Normal University, Yuxi, Yunnan, 653100, China

Corresponding Author

Huang Qipu


Cloud computing technology is now widely used in accounting to aid enterprises in their transformation and upgrade of accounting informatisation, thereby enhancing their sustainable development. However, enterprises face challenges stemming from this new technology that require timely and effective solutions. In this study, MD Group, an early adopter of accounting informatisation in the home appliance industry, is examined to analyze its successes and shortcomings in integrating cloud computing into its accounting processes. The analysis reveals issues in the enterprise's accounting informatisation construction, including underutilization of cloud pool data, high uncertainty in cross-regional data fusion, and a lack of management awareness. To address these issues, recommendations are proposed, such as enhancing the utilization of cloud pool data, reducing cross-regional data fusion complexity, and improving management awareness. These measures are aimed at providing valuable insights for similar enterprises facing similar challenges.


MD Group; Cloud Computing; Accounting Informatisation; Problems; Measures


Huang Qipu, Analysis of the impact of the use of cloud computing on the construction of accounting informationisation in MD Group. Information and Knowledge Management (2024) Vol. 5: 20-26. DOI:


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