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Research and Engineering Practice Analysis of a New Scheme of Volume Reduction Treatment of Radioactive Waste Based on Waste Incineration Process

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DOI: 10.23977/erej.2024.080114 | Downloads: 11 | Views: 223


Shijie Zhao 1, Xiaohai Li 1, Wei Xu 1, Bowen Zheng 1


1 China Institute for Radiation Protection, Taiyuan, Shanxi, 030000, China

Corresponding Author

Shijie Zhao


The disposal and management of radioactive waste has been one of the key challenges in the nuclear energy sector. Among them, the treatment of low-medium level combustible waste is particularly complex, which involves the safe disposal of waste, and needs to consider multiple factors such as environmental protection and cost-effectiveness. Based on the waste incineration process, this paper proposes a new plan for the capacity reduction treatment of radioactive waste, and discusses and analyzes it deeply through practical engineering practice. In this study, combustible radioactive waste is placed in high temperature environment through incineration process to achieve capacity reduction, stabilization and safe disposal of waste. The program takes into account the minimization principle of waste management, while conducting a comprehensive assessment of disposal costs, environmental impacts and safety risks. The design and composition of the radioactive waste incineration system of the Chinese Academy of Materials were discussed in detail. The feasibility and reliability of the system are verified by analyzing the main process conditions and key equipment. The engineering practice results show that the system has high processing capacity and good discharge effect, and the capacity reduction coefficient and weight reduction coefficient reach the expected index. The innovation of this study is the successful application of the incineration process to the treatment of radioactive waste, which realizes the co-treatment of different types of waste, while reducing the need for auxiliary fuels. This scheme can not only improve the efficiency of waste treatment, but also effectively reduce the risk of environmental pollution, which has important engineering application value and theoretical significance. This study provides practical experience for the design and application of radioactive waste incineration system, and provides useful enlightenment for the development of nuclear waste treatment technology in the future.


Radioactive Waste Management, Waste Incineration Process, Capacity Reduction Treatment Scheme, Engineering Practice Analysis, Waste Treatment Technology


Shijie Zhao, Xiaohai Li, Wei Xu, Bowen Zheng, Research and Engineering Practice Analysis of a New Scheme of Volume Reduction Treatment of Radioactive Waste Based on Waste Incineration Process. Environment, Resource and Ecology Journal (2024) Vol. 8: 107-113. DOI:


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