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Design and Implementation of a High Performance Event-Driven WebSocket

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DOI: 10.23977/cpcs.2016.11005 | Downloads: 97 | Views: 6770


Wenbin Cao 1, Bei Liu 1, Xinming Tan 1, Chuanwen Liu 1


1 Computer Science Technology, Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan, Hubei 430063, China

Corresponding Author

Wenbin Cao


In recent years, instant messaging has been more and more widely used on the Internet. The Pull model adopted in the traditional servers can not well meet the requirements of real-time information acquisition and high concurrent using accesses in the practical applications. In order to deal with the aforementioned problem, using the Push model in the real-time message transmission has become a research hotspot. Firstly, based on the open source projects of Node.js, Redis and RabbitMQ, a WebSocket server which can provide real-time message push service to a large number of different users' subscription requests is designed and implemented. Secondly, the function modules and implementation details of each layer are analyzed in detail. At last, experimental results show that the feasibility of WebSocket server.


WebSocket protocol, Node.js, High concurrent, Event-driven, Stability.


Wenbin, C. , Xinming, T. , Bei, L. and Chuanwen, L. (2016) Design and Implementation of a High Performance Event-Driven WebSocket Server. Computing, Performance and Communication systems (2016) 1: 28-32.


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