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Research on Firewall in Software Defined Network

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DOI: 10.23977/acss.2018.21001 | Downloads: 65 | Views: 4381


Cunqun Fan 1, Manyun Lin 1, Xiangang Zhao 1, Lizi Xie 1, Xi Zhang 1


1 National Satellite Meteorological Centre, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Xi Zhang


Software defined networking (SDN) technology decouples traditional network architectures to control planes and data planes, providing a new solution for developing new network applications and future Internet technologies. However, with the advent of SDN-related network equipment, security issues have become an important factor restricting its development. Traditional firewall in the face of constantly updated a large number of network attacks loopholes, the urgent need for the firewall to deal with dangerous mechanisms for innovation. This paper presents a SDN firewall architecture that describes its mode of operation and deploys it in the control plane. Simulation shows that the firewall policy has high security in the software defined network environment.


Software defined networking; Firewall; Network architecture; Network attacks


Cunqun, F. , Manyun, L. , Xiangang, Z. , Lizi, X. , Xi, Z. Research on Firewall in Software Defined Network. Advances in Computer, Signals and Systems (2018) 2: 1-7.


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