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Research on the Evaluation of Undergraduate Financial Management Classroom Teaching Quality Based on Multidimensional Rasch Model

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2021.040208 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 281


Teng Fei 1, Cuixia Li 1, Yongde Wang 2, Yan Liu 3


1 School of Economics and Management, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin Heilongjiang, China
2 Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural Reclamation University, Harbin Heilongjiang, China
3 School of Business Administration, Harbin Cambridge College, Harbin Heilongjiang, China

Corresponding Author

Cuixia Li


In order to meet the needs of the growing financial management curriculum reform, promoting the professional development of financial management teachers has always been a common concern of financial management education researchers at home and abroad. The evaluation of classroom teaching quality of financial management teachers is the core issue in the research field of financial management teachers' professional development. This paper focuses on the theoretical construction and empirical test of classroom teaching quality evaluation system and measurement tools of financial management teachers in private universities. The overall design of the research follows the design concept of international empirical research on science education. Based on the review of researches on Teachers’ classroom teaching quality, this paper defines its concept and constructs a theoretical model; In view of the teaching quality of teachers in the "financial management" classroom, this paper develops a measurement tool with good quality and specific subject content, establishes the evaluation standard on this basis, and uses the measurement tool and evaluation standard to evaluate the specific teaching quality of financial management teachers in private universities.


Financial management, the quality of classroom teaching, multidimensional rasch model


Teng Fei, Cuixia Li, Yongde Wang, Yan Liu. Research on the Evaluation of Undergraduate Financial Management Classroom Teaching Quality Based on Multidimensional Rasch Model. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2021) 4: 43-69. DOI:


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