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Teaching of English Writing Based on Production-Oriented Approach

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2021.040402 | Downloads: 26 | Views: 873


Lun Wang 1, Jingyi Sun 1


1 Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Jingdezhen, 333403, China

Corresponding Author

Lun Wang


Wen Qiufang’s Production-Oriented Approach is a linguistic theory emphasizing the students’ output practice. Writing is a task that requires the students to output what they have learned and produce a composition; therefore, Production-Oriented Approach is very appropriate to be applied in writing teaching. With drive of the writing production task, the students’ all-around motivations for learning can be aroused, and they are bound to produce satisfactory writings.


Production-oriented approach, Writing, Teaching


Lun Wang, Jingyi Sun. Teaching of English Writing Based on Production-Oriented Approach. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2021) 4: 6-10. DOI:


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