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Construction of Network Platform for Personnel Management Based on Computer Aid

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DOI: 10.23977/acss.2021.050114 | Downloads: 9 | Views: 150


Jing CHE 1


1 Shandong Polytechnic, Jinan, Shandong, 250100, China

Corresponding Author

Jing CHE


With the continuous development of information technology, all walks of life are gradually applying computer technology to manage enterprises. As the basic management module of enterprise development, personnel management has also greatly changed the management efficiency. The core of personnel department lies in personnel management, and the main motive force of its operation also comes from personnel. Computer-aided personnel management is the construction of personnel management network platform, which collects, sorts out, transmits, stores and processes personnel information, realizes sharing by multiple users, and directly serves various departments. Establishing a scientific personnel management network platform will improve the efficiency, help managers get rid of heavy and complicated transactional work, improve the management level and competitiveness of enterprises, and get accurate and applicable personnel management data in time. This paper introduces the basic characteristics of personnel management in enterprise management, and establishes a computer-aided personnel management network platform to improve the efficiency of personnel management.


Informatization, Computer aided, Personnel management


Jing CHE. Construction of Network Platform for Personnel Management Based on Computer Aid. Advances in Computer, Signals and Systems (2021) 5: 88-94. DOI:


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