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Thoughts on the Integration of Civil Aviation Freight Talent Training and 1+X Certificate System in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2021.040415 | Downloads: 2 | Views: 312


Fang Wang 1, Xudong Li 1, Jiajian Huang 1


1 School of Transportation & Economic Management, Guangdong Communication Polytechnic, Guangdong Guangzhou, 510650, China

Corresponding Author

Fang Wang


In the post-pandemic era, the transformation and upgrading of civil aviation freight industry is speeding up. It urgently requires higher vocational colleges to deepen the reform of civil aviation freight talent training, and the 1+X certificate system can provide an important guarantee for this. This paper first analyzes the new business areas under the transformation and upgrading of the civil aviation freight industry in the post-pandemic era and the new requirements for the talent training of higher vocational colleges, and then determines the basic idea of the integration of the talent training of civil aviation freight and the 1+X certificate system in higher vocational colleges under the post-pandemic era.


Thoughts, Integration, Civil aviation freight talents, 1+x certificate system, Higher vocational colleges


Fang Wang, Xudong Li, Jiajian Huang. Thoughts on the Integration of Civil Aviation Freight Talent Training and 1+X Certificate System in Higher Vocational Colleges. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2021) 4: 65-69. DOI:


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