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Teaching Exploration and Practice of Advanced Mathematics Based on Curriculum Ideology and Politics

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2021.040417 | Downloads: 3 | Views: 259


Haijing Zhu 1, Zongguo Zhang 1, Yuai Hua 1


1 Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), Shandong Jinan 250353, China

Corresponding Author

Haijing Zhu


Advanced Mathematics is a compulsory course for many majors in colleges, and it is also a very difficult course. With the development and change of the times, the requirements for education are getting higher and higher, and the requirement for improving performance has changed to requiring the comprehensive development of learners. Ideological and political education is required to penetrate into the teaching of every course, and advanced mathematics is no exception. In order to achieve the goal of all-round and high-quality growth of students, this article starts with what is the curriculum ideology and why is the curriculum ideology implemented in higher mathematics teaching. In addition, the specific implementation process and the issues that need attention, and explores the curriculum-based ideology and politics Advanced mathematics teaching.


Curriculum ideology, Advanced mathematics, Teaching, Concrete practice


Haijing Zhu, Zongguo Zhang, Yuai Hua. Teaching Exploration and Practice of Advanced Mathematics Based on Curriculum Ideology and Politics. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2021) 4: 74-78. DOI:


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