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Summary of Methanol Synthesis Catalyst Replacement

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DOI: 10.23977/mpcr.2021.010105 | Downloads: 18 | Views: 1433


Long Wang 1


1 Shijiazhuang Recycling Chemical Park Branch of Jinmei Jinshi Chemical Investment Group Co., Ltd, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050000, China

Corresponding Author

Long Wang


Catalyst replacement involves a series of work, such as passivation, unloading, loading, temperature rising and reduction. The operation of each stage determines whether the follow-up work can be carried out smoothly or not, and directly affects the operation status, consumption and capacity of the unit after start-up. Jinmei Jinshi Chemical Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd Taking the methanol synthesis catalyst replacement of kt / a methanol plant in June 2019 as an example, the operation process of catalyst passivation, catalyst unloading and loading, catalyst temperature rise reduction and other links involved in the replacement process is introduced in detail. The operation (operation) experience of each link involved in the methanol synthesis catalyst replacement is summarized, and the corresponding improvement suggestions are put forward according to the existing deficiencies In the future, the replacement of methanol synthesis catalyst can be completed with high quality and high efficiency.


Methanol synthesis catalyst, Replacement, Catalyst passivation, Catalyst unloading and loading, Catalyst temperature reduction, Experience summary, Suggestions


Long Wang. Summary of Methanol Synthesis Catalyst Replacement. Modern Physical Chemistry Research (2021) Vol. 1: 26-31. DOI:


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