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Comparison of Several Methods for Industrial Methanol Production

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DOI: 10.23977/mpcr.2021.010106 | Downloads: 32 | Views: 1518


Weijia Xia 1


1 Shijiazhuang Recycling Chemical Park Branch of Jinmei Jinshi Chemical Investment Group Co., Ltd, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050000, China

Corresponding Author

Weijia Xia


Methanol is a long-term chemical product. Methanol is used as raw material or solvent in the production of pesticide, medicine, dye, perfume, coating and three synthetic materials. In addition to synthetic ammonia, methanol is the only large-scale chemical synthesized by coal gasification and natural gas reforming. It is the basic product and organic chemical raw material of one carbon chemical industry. Methanol is also a liquid clean fuel converted from solid coal or natural gas, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and is an important energy carrier. This characteristic can be used not only to produce high value-added chemical products, but also to be used as alternative fuel for vehicles. Methanol has become an important product of the development of coal chemical industry and natural gas chemical industry in recent years. At the same time, the development of methanol chemistry and methanol chemical industry has become an important field of chemical industry and energy industry.


Synthesis, Crude methanol, Impurity, Rectification, Refined methanol


Weijia Xia. Comparison of Several Methods for Industrial Methanol Production. Modern Physical Chemistry Research (2021) Vol. 1: 32-36. DOI:


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