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Discussion on Deepening Curriculum System Reform of Intelligent Manufacturing Specialty Group in “Internet Plus” Era

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2021.040622 | Downloads: 4 | Views: 306


Youxin Liu 1, Chunli Zhang 1, Qian Gao 1


1 Chongqing Jianzhu College, Chongqing 400072, China

Corresponding Author

Youxin Liu


“Internet plus” has constantly innovating the core curriculum resources form and teaching and learning mode of the intelligent manufacturing professional group, and develops and develops two resource curriculum resources that are suitable for learners' needs, namely, fragmentation, visualization, interesting and adaptive curriculum resources. Build a micro curriculum system, solidly and effectively carry out “online and offline” mixed classroom teaching, and formulate practical teaching strategies; Build a whole process evaluation system to improve the teaching effect of intelligent manufacturing specialty group courses in vocational education, so as to ensure the effective improvement of talent training quality. In view of the problems existing in the curriculum of Intelligent Manufacturing Specialty under the background of the new era, this paper analyzes in detail the positioning and nature of the applied talent training curriculum system of intelligent manufacturing specialty group, introduces the new concept of specialty group, and reforms the division of intelligent manufacturing specialty and non intelligent manufacturing specialty. By deepening the teaching reform of professional groups, promote enterprises and professional groups to jointly build a professional curriculum system, fully integrate enterprise cutting-edge manufacturing technology into classroom teaching content, and improve students' vocational skills. This paper makes an in-depth study on intelligent manufacturing industry group.


“internet plus” era, Intelligent manufacturing specialty group, Curriculum reform


Youxin Liu, Chunli Zhang, Qian Gao, Discussion on Deepening Curriculum System Reform of Intelligent Manufacturing Specialty Group in “Internet Plus” Era. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2021) Vol. 4: 115-120. DOI:


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