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Application of Rehearsal in Orchestra Ensemble Teaching in Colleges and Universities in Conservatory of Qingdao University

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2021.020704 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 526


Wen Li 1, Li Jia 2


1 School of Music, Qingdao University, Qingdao, Shandong, China
2 College of Music, Shanxi Normal University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

Corresponding Author

Wen Li


According to the reform measures of classroom teaching, in order to adapt to the requirements of vigorously promoting the reform of classroom teaching methods, according to the new curriculum concept and the law of education and teaching, the "Opinions on Promoting the Reform of Classroom Teaching Methods under the Background of New Curriculum" is formulated and implemented in the classroom. During the period of study in school, Teachers ‘teaching should not only rely on books for written and stereotyped teaching, but also give students the opportunity and time to experience and experience the knowledge they have learned, and to carry out practical and autonomous exploration. Therefore, the orchestral ensemble course, which pays more attention to students ‘self-experience, has become an indispensable course in many conservatories of music in Colleges and universities. By organizing students to collaborate on the music, this study enables students to gradually try the structure of the symphony orchestra and the way of cooperation among the members of the orchestra in the process of ensemble, and at the same time apply their professional knowledge to practical operation. In the process of completing the materialization and concretization of teaching content, at the same time, it provides professional help and experience for students to choose their careers after graduation. However, due to the different enrollment indicators of art colleges and comprehensive colleges, the emphasis of the corresponding courses is also different. Taking Qingdao University as an example, this paper analyzes the design and application of rehearsal in orchestral ensemble teaching in comprehensive universities. This paper takes Mozart's Requiem as the rehearsal repertoire, first of all, it summarizes the background and characteristics of Mozart's Requiem, secondly, it summarizes the differences between the focus and process of orchestral ensemble teaching in music colleges and comprehensive universities, and studies and discusses the application content and specific situation of orchestral ensemble teaching in Colleges and universities. Finally, it introduces the innovative teaching of adding chorus parts to the orchestral ensemble teaching in Qingdao University to improve the interest and professionalism of the classroom.


Mozart; Requiem, Comprehensive colleges and universities, an orchestral ensemble lesson, Qingdao University


Wen Li, Li Jia, Application of Rehearsal in Orchestra Ensemble Teaching in Colleges and Universities in  Conservatory of Qingdao University. Art and Performance Letters (2021) 2: 19-27. DOI:


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