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Application of Multimedia Technology in Music Teaching in Junior High School

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2021.020711 | Downloads: 35 | Views: 817


Ge Chuchu 1, Li Jia 2


1 Nanjing Private Yuying Foreign Language Middle School, Nanjing, China; International College, Krirk University, Thailand
2 College of Music, Shanxi Normal University, Shanxi, China

Corresponding Author

Ge Chuchu


Under the background of the information age, education has gradually shown a new development journey and a new looks, and has begun to develop in the direction of modernization. In the diversified technical system, multimedia, as an important technical module, plays a significant supporting and supporting role in the whole field of education. The rational application of multimedia to music classes can improve the entire teaching environment and at the same time promote the overall implementation of education work efficiently. This article mainly analyzes the function and application of multimedia as an advanced method in the field of music teaching in junior high school.


Multimedia, junior high school, music


Ge Chuchu, Li Jia, Application of Multimedia Technology in Music Teaching in Junior High School. Art and Performance Letters (2021) 2: 82-87. DOI:


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