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Research on the Brand Image Building of Wuhan Historic Districts Driven by Urban Revival

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DOI: 10.23977/artpl.2022.030406 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 145


Xianbo Zhou 1, Xiaofeng Diao 2


1 Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, China
2 Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing, China

Corresponding Author

Xianbo Zhou


Starting from sorting out the concept and significance of the brand image of the historic district, the paper is combined with the development status of the historic district of Jianghan Road and the background of the rejuvenation of Wuhan, and the importance of creating a unique brand image of the historic district in Wuhan is analyzed in the paper. By using the urban characteristic district research, from the three aspects of brand positioning, brand building and brand communication, this paper discusses the measures and countermeasures of brand image design and communication in Wuhan historical districts, and tries to find an effective path to enhance the brand connotation of Wuhan historical districts and the competitiveness of the city, and realize the revival of Wuhan's urban culture.


Wuhan, Historic District, Brand Image Design, Brand Communication


Xianbo Zhou, Xiaofeng Diao, Research on the Brand Image Building of Wuhan Historic Districts Driven by Urban Revival. Art and Performance Letters (2022) Vol. 3: 25-31. DOI:


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