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Research on the Optimization of Emergency Material Distribution Route in "Vehicle" Mode Based on K-Means Clustering and LK Algorithm

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DOI: 10.23977/jwsa.2022.040103 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 705


Chao Liu 1, Junjie Yu 1, Shixing Han 1, Shutong Liang 1


1 College of Engineering, Tibet University, Lhasa, 850000, China

Corresponding Author

Shixing Han


For disaster victims, the timely delivery of emergency materials is a key factor to ensure their life safety, and the reasonable scheduling of emergency vehicles is a key link in the distribution of emergency materials, so it is of great significance to optimize the vehicle route of emergency materials. In this paper, the optimization model of emergency material distribution route in "vehicle" mode based on K-means clustering and LK algorithm is used to solve the optimal scheme of overall distribution in 14 locations, and the waiting time of demand points is solved under the constraints of optimization target, vehicle and distribution quantity, and the optimal distribution scheme is 9-13-14-10-6-4-6-5-3-2-5-1-1-11-12-7-8-9.


K-means clustering, LK algorithm, "vehicle" mode, Path optimization


Chao Liu, Junjie Yu, Shixing Han, Shutong Liang, Research on the Optimization of Emergency Material Distribution Route in "Vehicle" Mode Based on K-Means Clustering and LK Algorithm. Journal of Web Systems and Applications (2022) Vol. 4: 11-18. DOI:


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