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The Improvement and Implementation of the High Concurrency Web Server Based on Nginx

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DOI: 10.23977/cpcs.2016.11001 | Downloads: 197 | Views: 8291


Jiayue Liu 1, Zhiyi Fang 1, Baiqi Wang 1


1 Qianjin Street 2699, Jilin University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China

Corresponding Author

Zhiyi Fang


According to the original Nginx load balancing strategy, this paper proposes a load balancing strategy that adjusts weight dynamically which is based on the server performance index. This strategy, which improves on existed weighted polling strategy, dynamically updates the node weights according to the CPU, memory, disk IO and network performance of the nodes. So that each node can be assigned to tasks that can fit its load capacity, which enhances the cluster performance and improves the efficiency. By using the siege performance testing tool, the performance of the original weighted polling strategy and the improved dynamic policy is tested. The experiment proves that the dynamic strategy proposed in this paper is better to implement the load balancing technology.


high concurrency, Nginx, Web server, load balancing


Baiqi, W. , Jiayue, L. and Zhiyi, F. (2016) The Improvement and Implement of the High Concurrency Web Server Based on Nginx. Computing, Performance and Communication systems (2016) 1: 1-7.


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