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Network Public Opinion Risk Model Simulation Research

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DOI: 10.23977/iemb.2019.031


Liechang Miao, Jianfang Dong, Hang Ji

Corresponding Author

Liechang Miao


Under the catalysis of the rapidity, interactivity and extensiveness of network communication, public opinion events have a rising risk and have a major negative impact on social stability. However, the risk is regular, whether it is from its own generation and evolution, or from our response and guidance, it has its roots. In view of the fact that the network public opinion risk is the result of multi-factor interaction, the system dynamics model is established from the modules of the speed of public opinion information diffusion, the publicity of the public opinion, the network media boosting effect, and the public opinion audience resonance degree, and the simulation is carried out by using Vensim PLE. The simulation results show that the variables such as public opinion sensitivity, subjective activity, media influence, and audience participation have strong interaction with network public opinion risk, which can have a greater impact on the latter.


network public opinion, public opinion risk, system dynamics

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