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Research on Regional Financial Ecological Balance of Shandong Province in China Based on Multi-level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model

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DOI: 10.23977/iemb.2019.085


Jingjing Wang, Shengsen Duan

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Wang


The multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model is used to empirically test the balance of regional financial ecology in Shandong Province. The results show that the regional financial ecological balance of Shandong Province has the following characteristics:(a).From the overall quantity, the regional financial ecological balance of each sample city in Shandong Province The level of sex is high, which depends on the balance of the main body of the system, the balance of the market and the coordination of the environment. (b). from the system level, there are structural differences in the regional financial ecological balance of each sample city in Shandong Province. The difference between the highest and lowest scores of regional financial ecological balance in each sample city is larger.(c).From the relationship with the economic level, the overall financial balance of the sample cities in Shandong Province is different from the economic development level of the sample cities. There is no significant difference between the overall financial ecological balance and the regional economic development level. The conformity relationship, but the level of regional economic development affects the main body balance of financial ecology.


Ecological Balance, Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation, empirically test

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