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Pattern application of stamped pottery from Guangfulin culture in tourism derivatives

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DOI: 10.23977/edms.2019.004


Cui Zhao, Yongning Qian

Corresponding Author

Cui Zhao


Combining the elements of historical Guangfulin culture, mainly from its stamped or linear-tooled pottery, the paper applies traditional decorative elements to the design of modern tourism derivatives. This paper investigates the application and extraction methods of traditional decorative elements and proposes the specific design ideas of tourism derivatives. Combining the characteristics of modern graphics, through the analysis of the characteristics and the extraction, reconstruction and derivation of the Guangfulin culture, our market research and analysis could ensure that the design of tourism derivatives can meet the needs of consumers. The procedure and method of the analysis, extraction and derivation of design elements of tourism derivatives, could provide new ideas and methods for the design and development of other cultural tourism derivatives in China. And it also provides insights into the inheritance of Guangfulin culture and the development of tourism derivatives industry.


Guangfulin culture, stamped pottery, tourism derivative, pattern extraction, pattern derivation

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