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Research on Financial Risk Management Based on VaR

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DOI: 10.23977/edms.2019.007


Xigan Sun, Qingqing Xie, Xinwen Chen

Corresponding Author

Xigan Sun


With the continuous development of the financial industry, financial risk management has become increasingly important. Among all financial risks, market risk and credit risk are the two most important. In the past, in the context of relatively stable financial market prices, people pay more attention to the credit risk of financial markets, and almost do not consider the factors of market risk. This paper mainly introduces VaR, a risk quantitative analysis method that has recently been widely recognized by the financial industry. The article includes an introduction to various aspects of VaR, hoping to give a detailed introduction to this important financial statistical method, characterized by a detailed study of risk management for Monte Carlo simulation. Since the VaR method is a specific application of statistics in the financial field, this study also interpolates between finance and statistics.


Financial Risk Management, VaR, Risk Measurement Model

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