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Research on Public Satisfaction of Metro Fare Reform in Wuhan City

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DOI: 10.23977/edms.2019.019


Yusheng Shang, Rui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yusheng Shang


Based on the subway fare reform in Wuhan on February 1, 2019, this paper makes an empirical study on the subway satisfaction of the people after the subway fare reform in Wuhan, in order to explore the effect of the reform and the direction of opinion revision after half a year, and further determine the factors that can best affect the subway satisfaction of the people. On the basis of ensuring the reliability of the questionnaire and the rationality of the question setting, this survey uses the survey data to carry out basic descriptive statistical analysis and further satisfaction model analysis. It is concluded that ticket price is not the most important factor to determine satisfaction, and the improvement of comfort and convenience can effectively improve the satisfaction of the public, and put forward targeted improvement suggestions.


Satisfaction Data Model, Wuhan Metro, Fare Reform

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