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Research on Asset Allocation and Financing Application in International Financial Management of Large Multinational Enterprises

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DOI: 10.23977/edms.2019.023


Xuan Yin

Corresponding Author

Xuan Yin


With the increasingly close trade relationship between international businesses, the asset allocation and financing structure of large multinational corporations have gradually become a hotspot in international economics research. Financing structure and asset allocation are important components of financial research of multinational corporations, and a relatively mature theoretical system has gradually formed. However, research on multinational corporations is still in its infancy, which is inconsistent with the status of multinational corporations in the world economy. Based on the research background, the paper argues that the taxation systems of different countries are different, the bankruptcy laws and regulations are different, and the interest rate level has a large gap. Enterprises face a considerable degree of exchange rate risk. This determines the capital structure and financing policies of multinational corporations, and has its own special content compared with ordinary enterprises. In practice, the problem that multinational corporations cannot avoid is how to adjust their financing structure, formulate appropriate financing policies, determine the optimal capital structure, and maximize the market value of enterprises.


Large multinational corporations, International financial management, Asset allocation, Financing structure

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