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Research on the marketing strategy of new retail mode based on the 4I principle of integrated marketing communication Take Luckin Coffee

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DOI: 10.23977/edms.2019.034


Peiyao Xu, Minxuan Zhong

Corresponding Author

Peiyao Xu


Under the background of traditional market economy, enterprises' promotion strategies still have some disadvantages, such as unidirectional information transmission, extensive media communication and uncertain promotion effect. In today's Internet era, through the application of integrated marketing communication model, enterprises can find the best promotion arrangement to achieve the best promotion effect. In order to make system research under the principles of integrated marketing communications 4I new retail marketing strategy, this article attempts to begin from 4I principle of integrated marketing, for luckin Coffee marketing model analysis,the results of this paper may provide some references for enterprises in the marketing strategy research, to help enterprises to achieve maximum accomplishment under the development of market economy.


Marketing strategy, integrated marketing communication, 4I principle

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