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Visualized Analysis of Researches on Logistics in China

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.08


Dandan Che

Corresponding Author

Dandan Che


In order to understand the current situation,research hotspots and trends of logistics research in China, this paper takes 3641 articles about logistics in CNKI as research object, and makes bibliometric and visual analysis from five aspects: annual volume, core authors, publishing institutions, source journals and high frequency keywords, using Bicomb2.0, Ucinet, SPSS and Excel software. Research shows that :the research on logistics has entered a “prosperous period” in China, with more papers published annually; Ju Songdong, Wang Yong and Li Songqing are prolific authors; Southwest Jiaotong University, Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing Jiaotong University are the main units of logistics research. At present, supply chain, e-commerce and third party logistics are the hotspots of logistics research. And the Belt and Road Initiatives, cold chain logistics, green logistics and big data are the key points and directions of future logistics research.


Logistics, Co-word analysis, Social network atlas, Visualization analysis

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