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Research on the application of artificial intelligence in image recognition technology

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.27


Zhang Zhiliang, Zhao Limei, Yang Tao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Zhiliang


Artificial intelligence is gradually widely used in our country, and with the development of the information age, the image recognition technology derived from artificial intelligence is also gradually known to people. The main principle of image recognition technology is the substitution of computer to artificial. These working principles can not be separated from the traction function of artificial intelligence, so as to realize many processing and judging of data information. Under the trend of gradual development of computer technology, the security and process of recognition data should be analyzed under the continuous extension of image recognition technology. In this paper, the image recognition technology in artificial intelligence will be analyzed and studied in depth, and the image recognition technology will be briefly summarized.


Artificial intelligence, image recognition technology, application research

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