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Control Application of PLC Technology in Electrical Automation

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.30


Jiang Jing, Li Linpeng, Jiang Cheng

Corresponding Author

Jiang Jing


The information age puts forward higher development requirements for various technologies and at the same time, various technologies realize high development and mature application, providing better assistance for system operation and operation. With the rational use of PLC technology, we can enhance the further development of automation, change the control technology and way of traditional electrical equipment, reduce the use of human resources in the control system, which help reduce the final control cost of electrical equipment. Therefore, PLC technology should be integrated into electric chemical production to improve the maturity of control technology and reasonably solve the problems of traditional electrical equipment in automatic operation to eventually improve the overall efficiency and quality of industrial production.


Electrical Automation, Science and Technology, Informatization, Work Efficiency

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