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A Simple Method for Adjusting Relaxivity of Contrast Agent

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.44


Yapeng Zhang, and Wenzhong Liu

Corresponding Author

Yapeng Zhang


Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles can work as contrast agents, whose relaxivities are important properties affecting the enhancement effect of magnetic resonance imaging. In this paper, we adopt a simple method to adjust the relaxivity of the contrast agent. Two kinds of magnetic nanoparticles reagents with different sizes and different relaxivities are selected and mixed in different proportions. It is found that the relaxivities of the mixed samples are between those of the two unmixed original samples. Therefore, we can easily obtain the contrast agent with desired relaxivity by this simple weighted calculation and mixing, and the r2/r1 ratio can also be adjusted.


Magnetic nanoparticle, MRI contrast agent, Relaxation mechanism, Relaxivity

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