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Development of 4G-based power quality monitoring system

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.55


Liu Junyu, Wang Shuai, Wang Jiaying, Xu Haihang, Xiao Fang, Yang Songhan, Zhai Zhixuan, Hua Yue, Zhang Fuliang, Liu Guobin

Corresponding Author

Liu Junyu


Continuous monitoring and analysis and evaluation of power quality information are the prerequisites for finding power quality problems and improving power quality levels. Several main reasons for power quality problems in power systems are discussed. composition. The working process of the monitoring system is mainly discussed, that is, the monitoring data is transmitted to the server by the 4G power quality monitoring terminal. Send a message to the mobile phone of manager via WeChat or SMS to inform the abnormal station changes and abnormal data. The application of the 4G-based power quality monitoring system is to analyze the development trend of power quality and control technology, and has a broad application prospect.


Power quality, monitoring system, non-linear load, application effect

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