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Fault analysis and treatment of 220kV Gas Insulated Substation pillar insulator adjusting bolt

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.58


Su Hainan, Yao Zheng, Yang Sen, Li Lin, Li Xueyan, Wang Di, Shi Qiang, Dai Xiaojia, Xu Haihang, Jin Dai, Zhu Jiahui

Corresponding Author

Su Hainan


At present, GIS combined electrical appliances are widely used in substation in China. The safe operation of GIS combined electrical appliances is related to the safe production of power grid and enterprises. This paper introduces a 220kV GIS pillar insulator adjustment bolt loose fault in a substation, through on-site inspection and treatment, analyzes the cause of the fault, and puts forward the corresponding improvement measures.


Gas insulated substation, pillar insulators, adjusting bolts X-ray test, vibration test

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