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Test Method and Precautions for Grounding Current of Transformer Core

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.59


Jiang Ling, Zhou Bin, Yu Xiaochen, Xin Tian, Zhao Yinghe, Sun Lu, Fang Yulong, Xing Yuqing, Lin Yuan, Liu Bo, Shi Diancai

Corresponding Author

Jiang Ling


Core was an important component of transformer. The magnetic circuit for normal operation of the transformer was provided by the iron core. The smoothness of the main magnetic circuit of the transformer could also be guaranteed by it. The most simple and effective way to prevented the multi-point grounding fault of transformer core was to measure the grounding current of transformer core. However, in the actual measurement, due to the different measurement position and the different connection mode of transformer core grounding, the wrong judgment was caused by abnormal value of grounded current. Therefore, the case of nonstandard test method in actual measurement was analyzed to provide reference for correct measurement of transformer core grounding current.


Transformer, core, grounding current, test method

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