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Simple Analysis on Common Interference Factors in Electronic Communication and Control Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.61


Li Jun, Wang Wenjuan

Corresponding Author

Li Jun


With the high-speed development of Chinese social economy, Chinese electronic communication technology has dramatically grown. However, the technology is not perfect enough. Compared to that in developed countries, the electronic communication technology in China still needs to be improved. In practical application, multiple factors cause serious interference to electronic communication, further threatens the safety and stability of electronic communication system. Hence, during the research and development of electronic communication, it is essential to conduct the in-depth analysis on factors influencing the safety and stability of electronic communication system, and take effective measures to reduce the interference by external factors and promote the safety and stability. In this paper, common interference factors and control countermeasures are analyzed and studied. Combining the actual development of Chinese electronic communication, scientific and reasonable recommendations are proposed to provide reference for the growth of electronic communication in China.


Electronic communication, interference factor, control countermeasures

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