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Analysis of Elevator Speed Limiter Online Detection Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.63


Yadong Zhang, Jingsheng Tang

Corresponding Author

Yadong Zhang


During the operation process of the elevator, the elevator speed limiter safety tongs linkage protection device is an indispensable safety protection device. It can stop the elevator in time to prevent accidents in the event of accidents such as elevator runaway and the breakage of suspension device. It is an important line of defense for elevator safety. In accordance with the requirements of TSG T7001-2009 "Elevator Supervision Inspection and Periodic Inspection Rules-Traction and Forced Driving Elevator" and its No. 2 amendment order, inspection subject, supervision unit and inspection cycle of the elevator speed governor were adjusted. This paper mainly describes the changes in the standard for detecting elevator speed governor, and introduces several mainstream online detection technologies to provide technical references for each elevator detection agency, user unit, maintenance unit, and monitoring unit.


Elevator, Speed limiter, Online detection technology

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