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Research on Fault Analysis and location in DC microgrid

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.66


Lu Jiang

Corresponding Author

Lu Jiang


Firstly, the paper analyzes the basis of fault location of DC microgrid, and points out the importance of the selection of grounding mode and fault feature analysis for fault location. After that, the existing fault location principles of DC micro grid are classified and studied. The fault location methods of DC micro grid are divided into injection signal method and fault analysis method. It is pointed out that: all kinds of algorithms have advantages and disadvantages; injection signal method is suitable for off-line fault location, fault analysis method is suitable for on-line fault location, and the accuracy of the two location methods is greatly affected by the transition resistance; the existing fault location methods The location algorithm can not locate single pole ground fault and short circuit fault at the same time, and there are many factors restricting its location accuracy. Finally, the key problems of DC micro grid fault location are pointed out, and the future of DC micro grid fault location is prospected.


DC Micro Grid, Fault Location, Grounding Mode, Fault Characteristics, Injection Signal Method, Fault Analysis Method

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