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E-tour System —The "Guide" Platform with Mobile Edge Computing

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs2019.77


Qing Lin, Jale Ma

Corresponding Author

Qing Lin


E-tour as the product of the integration of tourism and Internet technology is the future of tourism, which has impact profoundly human’s life and it’s consuming behavior. The traditional cloud-based E-tour platform is limited by the long-distance communication between the mobile terminal and the cloud center, and the centralized analysis and processing of massive data, which may easily lead to the delay of the real-time information and the unsuccessful response of the emergency emergencies. Our E-tour System-the "Guide" platform with Mobile Edge Computing(MEC) has the advantages of location awareness, delay sensitivity, and closer to tourists. It can not only recommend real-time and efficient tourism services to tourists, but also provide intelligent and auxiliary decision-making support to deal with emergencies.The platform can dynamically and expandably access a variety of mobile terminals and sensors, integrate multiple service systems, and provide application management services such as intelligent management for tourist attractions, as well as value-added application services related to tourism. It also can provide open services to third-party businesses involved in tourism.


E-tour System, Tourism Platform, MEC, Intelligent recommendation

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