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Research on Human-Computer Interaction System Based on C8051F040

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020003


Yuangao Zhou, Liming Sun, Chenglong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yuangao Zhou


In recent years, many new technologies have appeared in the field of construction machinery control, such as condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, intelligent engine control, and human-computer interaction intelligence. This topic has developed a control system suitable for various construction machinery control platform, only need to modify the corresponding application software according to the application requirements to realize the application on different construction machinery. The platform consists of two parts: human-computer interaction module and monitoring module, the former realizes the information interaction between the operator and the monitoring module. The latter completes the machine's motion control and monitoring of the running state. The human-computer interface uses a cost-effective monochrome large-screen LCD for graphical display, and the menu structure and graphics of the interactive interface are visually designed for the operator.


C8051F040; human-computer interaction; CAN; monitoring

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