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Research on Pressure Control of High Pressure Oil Pipe Based on Recursive Method

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020012


Guoan Zhu, Zihang Zhou, Yujing Xu

Corresponding Author

Guoan Zhu


The high-pressure fuel pipe fuel system plays an important role in the operation of fuel engines. The size and stability of the fuel injection quantity of the injector has a great impact on the working efficiency of the engine. This paper first combines the binary method and recursive method to program in MATLAB software to determine a sufficiently large check valve opening time range. Take the time point to calculate the pressure difference between this point and the initial state, and select the time point t = 0.2757mm corresponding to the minimum pressure difference within the allowable error range. This point is to stabilize the pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe as about 100 MPa as possible. Then the compound trapezoidal formula is used to integrate and calculate the fuel quantity Q 1 discharged from the high-pressure fuel pipe during a period of the needle valve's lifting movement. The cam drives the plunger to move up and down. The data given by the movement gives the fuel quantity Q 2 that enters the high-pressure fuel pipe during a cam cycle. Finally, by establishing the total fuel quantity of the high-pressure fuel pipe and the total fuel quantity of the two injectors, the variable relationship between the cam angular velocity and the nozzle operating time is obtained.


Matlab; recursive method; production-sales balance; compound trapezoidal integral formula

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