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Research on Implementation of Wearable Computer Software and Network Communication Based on Dynamic Reconfigurable Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020014


Yanlong Zang, Xinbo Zhang and Wenqi Yan

Corresponding Author

Yanlong Zang


With the advent of the information age, wearable computer equipment has gradually become the main symbol of the development of current industrial technology, and dynamic reconfigurable technology has played an important role in it. Based on this, this article studies for wearable computer software and its network communication based on dynamic reconfigurable technology. Firstly, it gives an overview of dynamic reconfigurable technology, introduces its concept, principle, classification and software and hardware task division method, and then explains the related content of wearable computer technology, including its development history, application and platform advantages, finally designs a smart watch, analyzes the overall design ideas, the application of dynamic reconfigurable technology and the realization of communication functions. The application of dynamic reconfigurable technology not only makes wearable computer software more convenient, but also greatly improved its communication quality.


Reconfigurable technology; computer software; communication; bluetooth

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