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Simulation Analysis of Three Finger Manipulator Based on Delta Mechanism

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020017


Jiangang Liu, Fengjiao Du

Corresponding Author

Jiangang Liu


The subject mainly takes the three-fingered manipulator as the research object, and designs a new three-fingered manipulator for grasping circular parts. The power is driven by motor, the power is more stable, and the structure is more stable with three-link mechanism. The complex vector method and Newton-Euler formula method are used to calculate and analyze the manipulator. The manipulator is simplified as offset crank-slider mechanism. The kinematics curves are drawn by MATLAB software, and the displacement, velocity and acceleration of the three-fingered manipulator are obtained. Then, the kinematics and dynamics simulation analysis of the three finger mechanical gripper is carried out by using Adams software. The kinematics parameters of the three finger mechanical gripper are obtained. The theoretical analysis results are compared with the simulation results of Adams software. The theoretical analysis and software simulation results show that the error is small, which verifies the correctness and feasibility of the theoretical calculation, and lays a foundation for the subsequent optimization and improvement of the three-fingered manipulator gripper and the solution of dynamic parameters.


Three finger mechanical gripper; Theoretical analysis; Kinematics simulation

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