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Design of HMI Monitor System Based on PLC Press Electrical Control

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020023


Xiangyue Zhou, Shubo Qiu and Xiaoqing Hao

Corresponding Author

Shubo Qiu


Living in the current era of the 21st century, the international industrial automation science and technology has reached a very advanced level. And with the replacement of industrial equipment, the intelligent HMI monitor system has also been included in the press stamping industry. Aiming at the advanced electrical control method, it has been realized that the design and function of the press monitoring system based on PLC. Combined with the cooperation of various press control systems, by using the data communication mode of Industrial Ethernet, a set of real-time monitor system is designed, which uses PROFACE touch screen as the display interface. Thus, it is easier to control the corresponding operation state and working parameters of large press equipment.


Monitor system; electrical control; press; display interface

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