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Research on the design of food delivery car based on emotion and axiomatic theory

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020031


Shichao Li, Guodong Yin

Corresponding Author

Guodong Yin


With the acceleration of social rhythm, people's demand for take-out food is more and more vigorous. At the same time, the progress of science and technology also makes the intelligent food delivery car come into our life. However, how to design the car in modeling and function has become a new problem. This paper proposes a method based on the combination of emotional design and axiomatic design theory, which maps the emotional needs of users to the design of food delivery cars by scientific methods. While paying attention to the functional needs of the car for users, it also pays attention to the emotional needs of users, so that the food delivery car has more market competitiveness. Finally, the design of the car is compared with the existing products in the market. The results show that the method is more in line with the expectations of users in functional modeling and emotional experience.


Food cart; take-away food

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