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Depth Evaluation of Armored Vehicle Diesel Engine Maintenance Based on Expert System

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020037


Lianjun Zhu, Xiao Kong

Corresponding Author

Lianjun Zhu


Improving the timeliness of diesel engine maintenance for armored vehicles is an important goal of conditional maintenance. How to increase the working time of diesel engines and reduce the downtime are the key issues to be solved in order to improve the equipment readiness rate under the required reliability. When the task is performed in a harsh environment, when a large number of diesel engine failures occur, it is particularly important to improve the timeliness of maintenance to ensure that the task is completed. This paper proposes the concept of the maintenance depth of armored vehicle diesel engines, establishes a maintenance evaluation index system, and establishes an armored vehicle diesel engine maintenance depth assessment based on an expert system.


Diesel engine; expert system; maintenance; in-depth evaluation

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