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Research on the mechanism of picosecond pulse synchronously pumped mid-infrared MgO: PPLN Optical Parametric Amplification

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020045


BingYan Chen, Yongji Yu, Guangyong Jin

Corresponding Author

Guangyong Jin


In this paper, the mechanism of synchronously pumped MgO:PPLN picosecond optical parametric amplification is studied in depth, and it is concluded that with the change of the crystal length, the three-wave coupling process changes periodically. It is further obtained that as the intensity of the injected seed signal light and pump light increases, the optimal coupling length of the MgO: PPLN crystal gradually becomes smaller. Based on the OPA mechanism research, the factors affecting the gain and linewidth broadening of the optical parametric amplification process are analyzed, and it is concluded that the center gain of the MgO:PPLN crystal increases with the increase of the pump light intensity, the length of the crystal, and the decrease of the wavelength of the idler light. The linewidth of idler light gradually decreases with the increase of the wavelength, so it is easier to obtain a narrow linewidth when operating in the long wave range. In addition, it can be seen that with the increase of the linewidth of the injected seed signal, the larger the linewidth of the idler is. This study provides a theoretical basis for the design and experimental study of the synchronously pumped MgO: PPLN picosecond optical parametric amplification laser system.


Picosecond Optical Parametric Amplification; MgO: PPLN; Synchronously pumped

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